Theatrical release of the film « Being and Becoming »

Theatrical release of the film « Being and Becoming »


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We are pleased to inform you of the theatrical release of Being and Becoming, on May 28, 2014 at the Saint André des Arts theater in Paris.

The sessions will be followed by debates with guests including Pr Hubert Montagner, Dr Catherine Dolto, François de Closets and Pr Antonio Damasio. The full guest list will be announced on the theater’s website two weeks before the opening.

We are working on releasing the film in other countries in Europe and the Americas, starting with those where our neighbors are not legally free to choose to educate outside of school and hope we’ll find financing to place subtitles in their languages (requests for screenings in Madrid this summer, and in Germany for the Schulfrei festival in September.)

 We welcome donations to make this possible.We thank you for the support you’ll be able to offer. It will allow, as we hope, the release of this documentary to a wider audience, who doesn’t necessarily know the existence of this learning choice and of this life style, a non-informed audience who may have certain preconceived ideas about its proceedings and certain worries about its outcome.

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Being and Becoming explores for the first time on the big screen the concept and ultimately the choice of not schooling children, but of trusting and letting them learn freely what they are truly passionate about. The filmmaker’s journey of discovery takes us through the US, Germany (where it’s illegal not to go to school), France and the UK. This film is a quest for truth about the innate desire to learn.





Here is the link to the first review, written by Gaëlle Guernalec-Levy, from Parents magazine :

Instruction en famille ou le retour des “Libres enfants de Summerhill”

(Homeschooling or the Return of Summerhill)

**un très joli film (a very lovely film)

**Les parents interviewés par Clara Bellar, livrent un discours intelligent, profond, d’une belle humanité. (The parents interviewed by Clara Bellar deliver an intelligent and deep speech with beautiful humanity.)

**Le film de Clara Bellar demeure néanmoins passionnant parce que les questions qu’il soulève sont fondamentales et qu’il oblige à un changement de paradigme. Au cœur de ce documentaire il y a une réflexion philosophique sur le bonheur. (Clara Bellar’s film remains nevertheless fascinating because the questions it raises are fundamental and because it compels a change of paradigm. At the heart of the documentary, there is a philosophical reflection on happiness.)

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