Home Education  Under Threat in France

The French home educating community is being threatened by a proposed Parliamentary Bill to restrict the right to home educate only  to ‘incapacitated’ children (sick or disabled children). Eight senators have proposed  making home education illegal because of a ‘lack of socialisation’ of home educated children who, they claim,  are particularly vulnerable to “mental, ideological or religious conditioning“. (http://www.senat.fr/leg/ppl13-245.html).

If you would like to support the French home education community, please send a letter of support to the French Ambassador in your country,  stating how home education fosters social skills, irrespective of the style of the home education that a family chooses.


Template letter that you can use or change as you wish

Dear Mr./Madam Ambassador,

Parliamentarians have proposed making  home education illegal  in France  because of a lack of socialisation of  home educated children who, they claim, are particularly vulnerable to « mental, ideological or religious conditioning.“ (http://www.senat.fr/leg/ppl13-245.html)

There has been no research evidence presented to back up this claim. In fact there is much research to the contrary.

– http://www.fraserinstitute.org/research-news/display.aspx?id=13089 (free download)

– http://www.naturalchild.org/research/fifteen_years_later.pdf

– http://unschoolery.com/hackschooling

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(Add a short testimony about your own experience with home education, specifically related to the development of the social skills of your children  if you  can ).

We would like to express our support for home education and we ask you to withdraw the proposed bill in France.

Kind regards,


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You’ll find the mail address for your country here : http://www.mfe.org/index.php/Annuaires/Ambassades-et-consulats-francais-a-l-etranger


The Collect’IEF is a group of people involved in home education from various backgrounds who wish to join forces in favor of home education in France (Instruction En Famille).